Prairie 1866
Prairie 1866

In 1866, Andrew Johnson was president, the flag only had 36 stars, the metric system was adopted as the U.S.’s form of measurement and Prairie Elementary opened its doors as a one-room school house.

Prairie was the first school in Kansas to have a nurse on staff. In 1958, Mrs. Helen Howe, a Prairie teacher, developed the first program in Kansas for blind children (click here for more Prairie history).

In the past 150 years, thousands of students have walked through Prairie’s doors. Despite a devastating fire in 1990 and the ever-changing landscape of education, Prairie has continued to provide a strong educational foundation for its students.

We were honored to help Prairie celebrate this milestone. The class projects and spirit week were the perfect way to get students to appreciate the history of our school and recall what life what like in the 1800s.

Students read “Little House on the Prairie” for this year’s One Book, One School event, and even got to experience a one-room schoolhouse with their siblings (click here for photos).

We capped off the year with two celebrations that turned out better than we could’ve ever hoped:

Thank you to our 150th Committee for working so hard to plan and carry out these events and to the numerous parent volunteers who help bring the vision to life:

All event photos can be found here: