If you manage a committee on behalf of the Prairie PTA, the forms below should be used for their specific purpose. In general, you should pay out of pocket for expenses within the approved budget and get reimbursed for the costs using the form below. Checks are typically written on Tuesdays.

Please be sure to use the PTA Tax Exempt Form for all applicable purchases. The PTA has an Amazon account set up with tax-exempt status as well as a Dollar Tree QR code that can be used when purchasing items. If you need any of the above, please contact the Executive Board member liaison for your event or email the PTA – [email protected]

Check Request/ Reimbursement

If you spend money on behalf of the PTA, submit your expenses with receipts for reimbursement with the link below within one month of the event. This form should also be used when a check is needed for a third-party vendor or individual. An invoice should be included for these requests. 

Petty Cash

If you are accepting payments at an event, you need cash on hand for change. Please fill out the form below at least a week before your event outlining what cash denominations you need.

Cash & Check

If you collect cash or checks at an event, please download and fill out the form below with all deposit totals. Return the completed form with all monies in the bank bag to treasurer, Shannon O’Bryan.

Graphics or Ticket Purchase Request

If you are planning a PTA event or chairing a committee, use the form below to submit a request for graphics to be used in the newsletter, social media, or flyers.