Visit our Prairie garden to see what’s been growing this summer!

Walk the path of Creeping Jenny in “Grandma’s Garden” to check on our native and non-native perennials. The Rose of Sharon is buzzing with bumblebees in the morning.

The butterfly garden has a variety of nectar and host plants for butterflies – look for swallowtail caterpillars on the Rue and Curly Parsley, and monarch caterpillars on the Milkweeds.

Strawberry plants and honeysuckle vine are growing in the hummingbird garden- look for pollinators around the honeysuckle.

We are growing tomatoes and peppers in the vegetable gardens – you may see a tomato if the squirrels have not found it first.

Basil plants are growing well, so please take a few leaves home for dinner!

We will be working in the garden Saturday morning, July 28 to dig the potatoes and prepare to plant cool season vegetables.  Join us any time between 9-11.  It’s supposed to be a gorgeous day!


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