What is the Auction?

Fundraising has become an essential element of the public school system helping finance key programs and funding student activities. At Prairie, our fundraising dollars have gone toward student support programs like the Reading Specialist and School Counselor as well as enrichment programs like Spanish.

Why the Auction is so important

One of several fundraising programs at Prairie, the Auction contributes the greatest percentage of funds to these special programs (close to 80%). Every dollar raised goes directly into the Prairie Fund. There is a silent auction, a live auction, Fund-a-Need and can include anything from a gift basket to a puppy!

Grade-Level Parties

In the months leading up to the Auction each grade level hosts a party where parents make individual donations – any amount is appreciated. These donations help jumpstart fundraising for the Auction. These parties are a great way to meet new parents and reconnect with friends after the summer break!

Even if all you do is purchase tickets – every single dollar helps. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new parents and enjoy a fun night out.

Be sure to read the weekly Panther newsletters for upcoming information on this year’s auction.