Lobby showcase
Lobby Showcase

1) How do I report an absent or tardy student?

2) How do I get a Prairie Directory?

3) How do I add money to my student’s lunch account ?

4) How do I find out who my room parent is?

5) What time does my student have lunch?

6) How do I set up Skylert school notifications ?

7) Why do I see a balance under “fees” when I login to Skyward?

8) Where do I find my child’s student ID?

9) How does Prairie handle food allergies?

10) What are Panther Paws?

11) What is the Digital Learning Initiative?

12) Where do I go if I’m experiencing ipad issues?

13) What is the Prairie Fund?

14) Why does the PTA have a separate website?

15) What is 6th Grade Leadership?

16) What is Village People?

17) What is Wildwood?

18) Where do I find PTA forms?