Class Auction Party Schedule

The Auction is Prairie’s largest fundraiser of the year, and it kicks off in the fall with individual grade-level parties. These parties are a great way to meet other parents in your student’s grade, and they help jump start the fundraising process. Save the date now, and start looking for sitters for your grade’s party! Be on the lookout for an e-vite from your grade’s host.

Kindergarten: September 29th, Molly and Scott Koenigsdorf
First Grade: September 22nd, Sarah and Drew Keller
Second Grade: October 20th, Lynneah and Allen Gregory
Third Grade: September 29th, Carole and Pat O’Keefe
Fourth Grade: October 6th, Betsy and Jose Ordonez
Fifth Grade: October 6th, Wissel Family
Sixth Grade: September 15th, Whitney and Peter Stadler

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