Your Child’s years at Prairie

ROAD Program
ROAD Program

Each year is full of growth and accomplishment for every student. At Prairie, this is commemorated through our grade level programs. Students participate in special activities from their first year through to their last.

  • Kindergarten: 100th Day Celebration, End of the Year program
  • 1st Grade: Ocean Program
  • 2nd Grade: Hat Parade
  • 3rd Grade: Box City, KC Bus Trip of KC Monuments
  • 4th Grade: Earth Works, 4th Grade publishing and ROAD Program (KC Ballet)
  • 5th Grade: STARBASE, 1st Grade Buddy, American Hero Program
  • 6th Grade: Wildwood, 6th Grade Leadership, Village People, Kindergarten Buddy, Graduation Walk

As students progress through their years at Prairie these opportunities help foster presentation and leadership skills and provide students with a broad range of experience before they move on to Middle School.

Some of these programs (ROAD, Wildwood, etc.) require additional funding, and we’ve created the Prairie Experience Fund to help fill these financial gaps. You’ll receive information throughout the school year on the fundraising that makes these events possible for your student, and we encourage you to donate what you can.

These programs are what help provide the level of enrichment parents have grown to expect at Prairie, and we need your support to keep them a tradition for years to come.