Candace Dieckman talking to a Kindergarten class about bullying
Candace Dieckmann role playing with a Kindergarten class

According to a 2003 Brigman & Campbell study, elementary students participating in a school counseling curriculum focusing on social and self-management skills demonstrate stronger math and reading scores on state tests.

This is why Candace Dieckmann spends extra time interacting with younger grade levels. Through the use of puppets she introduces children to scenarios where they need to emotionally self-manage, use coping skills to calm down or to stand up to behavior that’s wrong.

In older grades, Candace takes it a step further looking at specific issues like friendship, bullying and reminders about being safe, respectful and responsible.

She also provides classroom guidance and individual and group counseling to meet student needs.

Candace is at Prairie Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Feel free to contact her with any questions:

Kathy Lorino, Prairie’s social worker, works closely with Candace and is at Prairie Monday afternoons and all day Thursday. She may be contact at: