Teaching third graders
Teaching third graders

Cynthia Connor believes in learning by doing. From day one students are taught to read notes through class activities.

Each year she takes the curriculum to the next level, helping students identify rhythms, note patterns and time signatures. By the second half of the school year students are playing instruments and collaborating with each other to perform pieces.

Students in 5th and 6th grade can participate in choir, band or strings to further enhance their skills. By 6th grade, students are able to compose their own short pieces.

Cynthia is even working to get the GarageBand ipad app as another tool to help students collaborate and create.  Pretty awesome huh?

Recently, students have been working on playing the keyboard. Here are some photos of them in action:

IMG_0352 IMG_0348 IMG_0342


Find moreIMG_0340 information about her curriculum here.