Third graders using ipads for a Math lesson
Third graders using ipads for a Math lesson

Why technology is important

Our students are growing up in a world surrounded by technology. Their ability to leverage it as a learning tool is a critical factor of their success.

Digital learning promotes leadership and professionalism by enabling collaboration with peers and teachers. With ipads, learning can be more personalized to each student.

Traditional learning isn’t going away

ipads are an additional resource NOT a substitute for traditional methods. Every teacher has designated time for technology. Students will still read from books and further develop their handwriting skills.

Ask your child’s teacher more about his/her ipad integration during conferences.

How Prairie students are using ipads

ipads are tools to complete in-class group work, spelling and math assignments. Teachers often deliver homework assignments through imessage on the ipad.

ipads are also used to complete homework, conduct research assignments and access the teachers’ web backpacks.

Mrs. Connor is looking to acquire the Garageband app as a way to help students collaborate and create their own music.

How you can support the ipad transition

  • Know your child’s apple ID and login credentials
  • Agree on a “learning zone” where you can monitor ipad usage
  • Ask questions about what your student is learning and which apps are used at school
  • Help your student understand online safety, the importance of keeping passwords safe and reporting any suspicious messages or cyber-bullying to a teacher
  • Remind your child to charge his/her ipad at night
  • If your students forgets his/her ipad you may bring it one time. After that, your student will have to go without it. This encourages students to be responsible for their device.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues

When using the ipad at home you must turn the VPN on to enable internet usage.

If your ipad isn’t responding, force quit by holding the power button until the screen gives you the option to “slide to power off.”

Let your teacher know if you continue having issues.

Click here to troubleshoot additional issues or to contact the SMSD help desk.