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December News from the Health and Wellness Committee:

This month the focus is on Healthy Holiday Snacks – let’s try adding a few fun and healthy treats to our Prairie Holiday Parties.  

Classroom holiday parties are always a big hit, full of festive crafts, fun games and of course sweet treats.   With the ample opportunities children get this season to eat sugary things, let’s also remember to include some healthy treats.  The classroom parties provide a nice occasion to expose children to good tasting, fun yet healthy treats.  Adding nutritious treats to celebrations can help students develop positive attitudes toward healthy food that will carry into adulthood.  And better yet, research shows that kids actually choose the colorful fruit when offered the choice.

Let’s aim for a 50/50 ratio of healthy to sweet treats and keep it fun.  Some ideas include holiday colored fruit kabobs (green/red apples or grapes), fruit snowmen, use cookie cutters to make seasonal shapes with cheese, popcorn ball snowmen, apples with yogurt dip, granola/yogurt parfaits, pretzels, chips/salsa and trail mix.  Be creative, have fun and enjoy a healthy, happy holiday!





Snowball Project 2011

Ten+ years ago, Prairie Elementary students and parents launched the Snowball Project.  The objective of this project is to provide our students with an opportunity to share their blessings during the holiday season with families in need.  Every year moms-in-need fill out a gift request for each of their children under 16 years old.  (Over 3100 children received gifts through this program last year.)  The mom lists seven gifts (a combination of toys and clothing) that her child either needs or would enjoy.   We also want to recognize these moms during the holidays with a gift card to Target.  The amount suggested for the gift cards is $30 – although any amount will be accepted. 

This year Prairie is adopting 7 families.  (ONE FOR EACH GRADE LEVEL!)


  • 7 Moms = 7 $30.00 Target Gift Cards for the Moms
  • 21 children x 7  NEW gifts per child = 147 gifts in total
  • 7 family meal contributions of $30 per meal

Please discuss this project with your family and decide if you would like to participate.  Kindergarten or First grade students MUST have their permission form returned by Wednesday, Nov. 16 to participate.  (Form is NOT required for 2nd-6th grade students.)

  1. Discuss a price range with your child.  Let them know their spending limits.  Please be specific.
  2. During lunch on Thursday, Nov. 17 and Friday, Nov. 18, students – with their parent’s permission – will be able to choose an ornament with a child’s name and a gift.  Volunteers will guide children to their price range.
  3. Deliver your new, UNWRAPPED gift to your classroom on Mon., Nov. 28 or Tues., Nov. 29, with the ornament securely fastened to the gift.  (Operation Breakthrough encourages the mothers to wrap the gifts, in order to feel more a part of the holiday experience.)
  4. Please visit:  for more information.

Thank you for your generous participation!  Please contact Jamee Friedmann (432-6636) or Jen Benjamin (816-392-0099) if you have questions.

Snowball Project Information/Permission Form